1st Sound Clash Of 2016, Luton, UK Is Set For A Good Turn It. Venus VS King Tubby


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Phone calls are coming in with many wanting tickets and asking who is exactly Venus Sound.

Let me start by saying Venus World Clash Sound is the Top A Top Champion. They defeated Rolex Sound to gain the title and the 1st sound to retain it. This they dome against LPOJ after taking a battering in the earlier rounds.

Venus World Class is A sound that is known in Luton to be very strong in “Tune Fi Tune” segment. A very quiet and humble set up. The selector and “mike” person and the supporters are very rarely seen, but they come of age whenever there is a sound clash lurking about. They are said to have the most supporters. I mean sound clash supporters because they only come out when sound killing is to be done. They are treating King Tubby as a massive task, but they view it as a definite win. Some joked that this is possible because you can expect great grandchildren to great gran coming out to support them.

In my opinion, this is a very serious clash. It is Venus Vs King Tubby, country vs town, Luton vs London and all those connotations attached. Come out to see a great clash. Two sounds with great dubs. Big up Venus and Big up King Tubby. May the best sound win.

Fantastic Silver Fox

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