Alkaline’s Gaza Adversary

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Dancehall artiste Alkaline has created a buzz in the Dancehall industry ever since his introduction in 2013. The former tattoos eyed singer an now Champion boy has been a constant name on the lips of many.  Both fans and non-supporters.

The Vendetta Clan leader has also recently released his album entitled new level unlocked, which has been charted on the World’s renowned International Billboard and other and other local and international musical charts.  Showcasing that his talent and dominance in the music industry cannot go unnoticed.

However, in early 2016 leaked damning voice-notes between himself and his alleged former ghostwriter and now rapidly rising Dancehall artiste Kasanova, put a dent in his already deteriorating credibility as an artiste and stirred up quite a fuss on social media.  Since then Kasanova has been dominating not underground Dancehall, but has found a way to squeeze into the mainstream section of the industry somehow. In just four months he has released over 23 songs, with 3 making charts overseas.  Songs such as Dallaz, R.I.P and Kings and Queens have gained international recognition.

In an industry plagued by politics and competition, he has done what many artists take years to do and has been dubbed the “Gaza Rebel”.  Said to be the only artist in the streets proudly representing for the incarcerated Vybz Kartel. Kasanova has been featured on many major mixtapes by top names such as Dj Dotcom, Dj Don Kingston and Dj Kenny.

His songs are often and almost always used as a counteraction for songs by Alkaline.  If one should listen to the radio, after Alkaline’ Concur the world, then comes Kasanova’s Kings and Queens. Or after Alkaline’s ATM, then comes Kasanova’s Dallaz.  Coincidence or not, this rivalry is what Gaza fans have been dying for and they have finally found someone to pick up and proudly wave the Gaza banner, while delivering good music.

Kasanova has been exponentially generating views on Youtube, his Facebook Fan-page and on other media sites. He is scheduled to be a main act on upcoming shows in England this year and is set to release his second mixtape entitled Kasanova Gaza Street.

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