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The parish of Portland on the beautiful island Jamaica, was blessed to produce a musical genius in the late 50s by the name Bollyn Thompson. He grew up with his aunt and spent his early life in rural Portland and attended school in the Mount Pleasant community then after migrating to the United States of America, attended the Miami Dade Community College to learn the proficiency of music.

In 1979, Bollyn going by the alias IjahBollyn produced his own song, thus the year he officially became a recording artiste and producer. IjahBollyn was chosen by music and not the other way around as he normally says. He was motivated and mentored by the likes of; LUCKY DUBE, ALPHA BLONDY, JACOB MILLER, BOB MARLEY, BARRY DUFFAE from RIPPIT RECORDS, engineer and producer STEPHEN STANLEY, producer COMPUTER PAUL, engineer ANDY CARR, engineer BUNNY TOM TOM and GARRY JONES of HIPASIDE RECORDS.

Bollyn looks up to; Smokey Robinson of Motown Records and Chris Blackwell of Island and Sony Records as people of motivation and great music status.
IjahBollyn’s first notable project was the remix of Reggie Stepper’s album 1999-2000. Involved in this project were; Clay D, Reggie Stepper, Barry Duffae, and Stephen Stanley who all made it a success. His most recent album BREAK THE CHAINS was produced by Triple Platinum Productions and Hipaside Records in Jamaica; the promotion is ongoing to strengthen the success of the new release. IjahBollyn’s most successful project to date though is BAD GIRL done by Etana, Jamaica’s reggae princess. It also appeared as a background song in the movie G starring Blair Underwood. There has been financial and emotional difficulties plus some personal issues that delayed some of these processes and achievements but, Ijah was always able to overcome with the help of the most high to which he gives the highest credit for his success. Also being credited are, Vince McCartney of Compass Point studio, Chris Blackwell and Stephen Stanley.

IjahBollyn is a stern, honest, loyal, royal and fair individual who is striving for the best in life as we all should so look out



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