Thugsy Malone

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Jamaican dancehall artist Thugsy Malone is known for his ability to express a high standard of creativity in his music. Christened Donovan Drysdale in Kingston Jamaica, Thugsy grew up in 11 Miles Bull Bay, St Andrew and attended St Benedicts Primary School and then went on to Donald Quarrie High School. As a teen he migrated to the US where he continued his schooling at Prospect Heights High School in Brooklyn New York. Coming from a family that have a deep love for Reggae music, Thugsy would purchase records from his weekly allowance so that he could listen to dancehall reggae artists such as Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Mad Cobra andBuju Banton.

He would then DJ on the instrumentals until he found the confidence and courage to begin competing in talent shows. After entering and winning quite a few of the contests his cousin suggested that he return to Jamaica and take his career seriously. After entering and winning quite a few of the contests he was encouraged return to Jamaica and start a career in music. In 2002 Thugsy Malone built a relationship with dancehall icon Bounty Killer, who worked with Thugsy (who was known at the time as BugsyMalone) and gave him the inside scoop of the music business. Bounty Killer eventually became Thugsy musical mentor teaching him how to approach the stage, deliver his music and introducing him to key figures in the reggae industry.

Most of Thugsy music at the time was hardcore dancehall but after his brother was killed he was inspired to pen the track Memories of a Gangster. Thugsy brother was not a gangster but Thugsy wanted to create a song that would appeal to a wide audience. This track was embraced by the people in the inner city but Thugsy could not get any airplay because he called names of Jamaican gangsters in the tune and the recording industry said it wasn’t fit for radio as it was sensationalizing criminals. So realizing that he needed radio love as well as love on the streets, Thugsy thought about the Icons of Reggae music who had paved the way for so many Reggae artists today and he wrote Memories of an Icon. The track most certainly has been embraced by radio and is currently the anthem song in the B.V.I. It is also being played in Virginia, NY, Florida and other popular radio station in Jamaica.

Throughout the strive to reach success, Thugsy Malone remains an untiring advocate of ambitious ghetto youths which led him to start one of his most recent project D.G.P DUTTY GHETTO PICKNEY which interacts with young men from his community and surroundings as well as the larger public that can relate via music and entertainment. Thugsy describes his new sound as hardcore dancehall with a more melodic style.

Thugsy Malone is currently Independent and is working hard in the studio with producers to be mentioned upon the release of future projects. There will also be a EP and singles which he says will be focused on good vibe and will surely be embraced by all.

Thugsy Malone Contact Information:
Barry Focus: 1-876-879-6612

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