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DWAYNO Newer Era

Dwayno – born Dwayne Forrester in St. Catherin Jamaica, is a humble, self motivated, talented and very articulate reggae / dancehall artist.
Born in in St. Catherine, Jamaica, Dwayno is destine to be one of the leading dancehall artists of the generation – that emerged in the wake of the influence of Mavado and Vybz Kartel. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence, surrounded by different forms of music in the Old Harbour community that he grew up… It was at age 16yrs Dwayno decided to turn his dreams and aspirations to dancehall music.

The young Dwayno with his excellent writing techniques exposed is talent to fellow (artist) Famous Face where he co-wrote hit song like “Mixing Board” and “100 Gal”. It was soon after where the young enthusiasm started to show his versatility through the composition of hits for D’angel, Voicemail and even the legend Buju Banton. The artist has also recorded tracks with the legendary Sly and Robbie “Chalice” also for Truckback Records “Hotter Than Them”.

He is also well known for his works with the Oneil from “Voicemail” – who was also his mentors and had played an essential role in his development of the artist he is today. “Different Medz Ent” is also the brainchild of the entertainer and his well knitted associates who also reside in the St. Catherine area.
The artist was introduced via his first major performance in 2009 at the “Sting” event that has been dubbed over the years as being the greatest one night reggae event in the world – many others followed like the Galiday bounce – (performance alongside Oniel Fr. Voicemail) and countless others.

At the beginning of 2012 Dwayno was one of the artists most popular and talked about dancehall artist world wide – with his smash underground hit “Don A Road, Don A Jail” a tribute to his mentor Vybz Kartel who was incarcerated in 2011. While Kartel awaits his trail.Dwayno – brings hope and encouragement for the many fans who have monikered the name “Gaza” to associate themselves with reigning dancehall artist Adijah Palmer who also hales from the parish of St. Catherine. By this Dwayno has form is own record label “DWAYNO RECORDZ” which has propel him to higher heights monitering and managing himself he quickly spreads himself as he takes his music to different countries such as (guyana, trinidad/tobago/bardadoes,and the usa)etc.he was dubbed “star of the future generation “.Dwayno consider by many to be very jovial with a great work ethic as he engaged in several activities (school tours/fuction ,community charity shows, student counselling(etc…

Dwayno is on his way to greatness, proving his skills and abilities as an MC by delivering the music that is being highly demanded by society today – his style augmented by his humble attitude towards life and career will propel him to the heights of his potentials.
The Dwayno’s aim is to take his career to the highest level.. He also seeks to educate his fellow artist and try to play a clean and influential role in society.


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