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Jeddi i tafari

Jedde I Tafari


Jedde I.Tafari born Brian Jedde Kasamba in the family of four ,three boys, one girl Jedde I started singing at the tender of age 10,with her sister Getrude at Katimba C.C.A.P Church in Kanjedza town where they grew up together with Grandmother Christian ,years later Jedde.I Tafari and her sister Getrude and Chakaza family formed a group called bible singers which memories people where ever they go. Growing up in the society where many youths didn’t have much opportunities to blossom .Jedde I.Tafari and its friends in 1995 formed band called Mystic Brothers, unfortunately they didn’t record and song together .Jedde I.Tafari Sista Fyah Brimstone, Earth quake ,Black Jai,Kushite, Guitsy formed a band called Melchizedek Sons and Dawtas based in the city called Blantyre, together the released single Defender of Faith,which became an instant in Malawi even in Bristol, UK,it also enjoyed massive airplays .

This was also the turning point for Jedde I musically .Then came in 1997 Jedde I.Tafari together with Paramount Chikowi , Robbie Nyirenda Kondwani Guitsy Mtambo Walter Thipa and Isaac Kalanda had an opportunity to meet the Big Reggae Artists from Jamaica and UK,Namely the late Junior ‘’Jux’’Delgado ,Chrisinti ,Igulah Rastafari,Jimi Lyons and Kucha Knox who came to perform in Malawi through,Reggae Unites Africa. In 1998 Jedde I.Tafari had another opportunity and Jamaican artists who came to perform namely Evarton Blender, Jessie Jendai,Mikal’Ibbo’Cooper for Fm 101 Birthday Bash Comesa Hall. In early 1998 Jedde I.Tafari left the Mystic Brothers for embark for solo project. In March 1998 they formed the Melchizedek Sons and Dawstas. He also recorded with Mikal’Ibbo Cooper.

In Late 2001 after the death Malawi’s Reggae Legend Evison Matafale ,who died in police custody in capital city,Lilongwe Jedde I.Tafari together with other Artists released an album titled Tribute to Matafale which was massive hit . In early around 2002 Jedde I.Tafari signed with fire mix Label , owned by U.S.A based Gospel singer Gift ‘’Mahara’’Mhango there that’s where he meet has current produce Joni ‘JJ’Munthali. Together they produced a hit song called wachifumbwa (Murder) at Fire mix studios .The project didn’t materalise due unforeseen circurmstances the Studio was closed. The owner Gift’Mahara’Mhango left for U.S.A so it also was back to step one again.

In 2001 Jeddie I left the Melchizedek Sons and Dawtas to embark on solo project in 2001 that’s
In 2003 started recording again at white Dove studios in the Ghetto of Zingwangwa with his Bass Man Andrew’Spyda Banda .They recorded singles titled Sudan and Trodding to Zion.

In 2005 Jedde .I.Tafari was signed again by Dom-Dash production where he worked with producer Tiya Chilamwendo he released singles like ,African Princess Ganja ,Praise Him .Afalisi ndi Asadusi (Pharises and Saduces)Ghetto youths.
He also had an opportunity to perform of the State House in front the President a members of private sector and the public who were invited to fundraising of Ethel Mutharika Foundation courtesy of the late first lady Ethel Mutharika Foundation. After misunderstanding with the management Dom-Dash Records Jeddie I. Tafgarui left the label and embark on his solo in 2009 met the former Marketing Manager of Air Malawi Tom Mmangeni who pursued Jede I.Tafai to go back in studio at his residential house in the suburb of Namiwawa .This is where he met former FM101 Dj Cum Producer Andreww ‘Dru’’Kwizombe, there he recorded his single sweet mama’

After a shorty stint with Dreams Studio ownd by Tom Mlangeni and Andrew ‘Dru Kwizombe .He went to record at Johnny wills Studio in News lands where he did again the recording of songs like, Baby Gal Wachifwamba (Murder) defender of faith , Afrika Free Like Dove, Sweet Mama, Trodding to Zion. Then in June together with BlackMissionaries,Sally Nyundo,Prince Martin, Jedde I.Tafari perfome together with Zimbabwean Northern Ireland Reggae based Rassie I at Kalikuti Hotel in the Capital City Lilongwe. the same year in the 23 October ,2010 left for UK TOUR for Black History month. In 2010 October 23,2010 Jeddie I.Tarafi is a Malawian Reggae Artist .His music is popular in Malawi and in he is known for his deep and meaningful lyrics, his lively & catchy music ,as well as his infectious energizing performances. Jedde I is also known for his charitable works including walking 65km towards building a National Football Association in Malawi.

In 2010,supported by a number of different Organizations in Malawi ,including Mike Chilewe of Mikes trading Group Companies, Richard Chisala of Ultinets , Josephy Kondowe of Kalakuti Hotel and with the backing of ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Arts and culture and the director of Tourism. Jedde I embarked upon an expendition to the UK to further his mission by sreading his music and message wider, and as an ambassador for Malawian order to raise its international profile and potential socio-economic growth.

In the UK Jedde I arrived in Nottinghma UK in October 2010.Quickly Jedde I began to meet many people from different backgrounds and walks of life .Early on his stay he worked with the band Zimbabwean UK Based band Ngoma Dread and started to engage with charitable groups including the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee forum as well as cultural Vibrations (Unity through music).Soon Jedde was perfoming for various groups events, as well as sharing his skills and expertise with a spring UK musicians .His UK shows have included:

Umoja Klub International Nottingham -23rd October,2010
Oxjam-October 2010
Camden London Dublin Castle-November2010
Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum-Dec 2010
Hyson Green Community Centre-Nov 2010
Notitngham Rescue Rooms-29th March11
Benson, Nottingham-22nd March 2011
The Maze,Nottingham,Back to Africa Tour-10th March 2011
Open The Gate London-19TH March 2011
Camden Dublin Castle-10th April, 2011

Towards the end of january2011,jeddie met local artist and music producer and co-director of social enterprise group ‘Tru Livety camp’-Nemio shaw, and they immediately commenced a strong partnership.Nemo took on the role as manager for jeddie I.Tafari and quickly a strong live band was formed aroundf Jeddie and his music –Whom Jeddie named-‘The seven band-Jaddie showed this international group of musicians (based in Nottingham)the stlye, techniques and approach of a modern festival style roots reggae band. also a website was set up by nemo (www.jeddietafari.co.uk). The band became a hit almost instantly in Nottingham and in their first gig the band won an audition and were booked to perfom at the Glaston budge festival in Leicestershire (May 2011)and on the 29 March 2011 they won the Notti8ngham battle of the nbabds competition and the prize of performing at the world Famous Nottingham Rock City venue (with a capacity of 2000),as well studio recording time at electricity mayhem studio-One of the top studios in the UK.

Jeddie was interviewed by Dj Yakil on Kemet FM and by Chakuchanya Harawa of BBC Nework Africa at Bush House London ,and Thom Chiumia Nyasa Times .His tracks are now now being played on BBC Radio and Kemet FM in the UK and getting agreeat response (Reya El Salahi,BBC Radio Nottingham) Back in Africa Jedde I went to perform at Monwabizi Reggae Festival in Capetown together with Jamaican Reggae Artist Iqulah Rastafari and Elder Trevor Hall. Right now Jedde I Tafari is in the Studio working in Debut Album called Defender of Faith at Backayard Studios Yeoville, Johannesburg South Africa due to be released by the end of this year is been produced his long time produced by J.J.`Jux’ Muthali with tracks like Defender of Faith ,Africa Free like Dove, Baby Gal, Ganja, Trodding to Zion ,African Princess and others.

Jedde I is an Artist full of potential,full of energy and passion for music
Let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Jah

Blessed Love!!! Rastafari

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MekAYaaD change 1
SFDC Radio

He’s finally back!Bard-ass dancehall/high-life artiste, Henry Agyei Gyamerah aka OD4, has resurfaced with a totally brand new personality, “MAVLUZ”, pronounced like marvelous.The old name, OD4, is a rebus for “Obiara Di Fo”, which means everyone is guilty.

He was an adherent of raglife music and described his music as a mix of dancehall and highlife.He released popular songs like “Wonya Da”, “Odo Nkoaa”, “Ten Thousand”, “Twe ma me”, “SLIMA girls” and “Darling”, a lot of which he has worked on with Ras Nigga. He has worked with several other artists such as Okuraseni Samuel of TV3 Mentor fame, Kyikin.After a short interview with the Bardman OD4 yesterday he disclosed why the almost immediate come back and stupendous “new thing” he’s bringing.

“Well it used to be OD4, now Mavluz. I decided not come back with my old name due the perception some people would have. That I’m returning with the same old thing. Also, I chose the name Mavluz due to the kinda stuff I’m bringing now. I’m bringing out the all of me, vocally much more matured than before, I’m coming out with the real me and my fans will marvel. I have improved, cutting across and penetrating all the areas OD4 couldn’t manifest. OD4 is no more, I am now MAVLUZ and I’m ready to marvel the world.

The raglife artiste also added, ” My fans should watch out, I’m hoisting the flag of Ghana to a whole new level, collaborating with some International music acts. They should relax, feel the music and keep the support flowing”.

Clearly, the dancehall artiste seems more than ready to come break us down with his breathtaking new music. So let’s all join in supporting good music. Support our own, Support Gh music. Support the Nation.

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