The 1st Clash Of The New Year In The UK Is Upon Us. Venus World Class VS King Tubby. Sat 30th January 2016, Luton


January 30th, 2016 should be the biggest Top A Top to date. Going on the feedback and the massive promotional team behind this clash the support is looking real good.

Top A Top has come on a long way since Sovereign Sound became the Top A Top Champion after clashing with Flava Sound. That was the clash that kicked off the now popular brand.

Venus World Class was a popular addition to the Top A Top Brand. They defeated Rolex Sound and LPOJ. Putting the music part aside Venus World Class Sound has a massive fan base in around Luton.

King Tubby Sound became part of the Top A Top brand when Scrappy Forde MC was passing through Luton and I took the opportunity to invite them in so that the brand can get more popular quickly.

What a great and exciting clash this is going to be. King Tubby with all their skills, experience and support against Venus with their massive fan base and tunes to back it as well.

May the best sound be the winner. Be there or be nowhere.

Fantastic Silver Fox


Jolly Kavalli Won 5th Edition Of Power Play 10 on SFDC Radio

New 2015 project S.F.D.C Radio introduces power play 10. This program was created by Fantastic Silver Fox the manager for SFDC Radio. With this platform an artist can now get the chance to reach a wider audience and get their music on several other networks.

The toughest Power Play 10 yet has been won by Jamaica Rising Star, Jolly Kavalli.


World Wide Air Time

Power Play 10


The power play 10 service is being broadcast to over 2.5 million people. We build this service for artists that’s looking to create a buzz to build their fans/brand. This program is linked to 3 major marketing companies that customize their package with a 50% discount to meet the needs of artist with any budget that’s looking to make a buzz..