Dolli Difference

Dolli Difference.

The first thing that comes to the mind of many when they see this Jamaican queen, is the fact that she looks like a ”Dolli”, Which in fact is her name.
Dolli is a St Mary native who has ventured into modeling from as early as age 17, upon just leaving high school. She represented for a modeling agency at the time called ”Inner Beauty,” based in St Mary. Dolli later moved to Kingston in 2004, where she continued to pursue her modeling career part-time.

Modeling is not the only passion that Dolli has. She is also a talented recording artist. Dolli started her musical journey in 2006, she is inspired by everyday life and its experiences. It is the motivation of the topics for her songs.

Dolli released her first single in 2007, titled ”Bounce Around”. She then moved on to record for other prominent producers and released another single in 2008, titled ”A Neva Mi”. It got frequent plays on popular radio station Irie FM, by Dis Jocs Gary G and Digital Chris.

Dolli’s recent track is titled ”Tempted To Touch”. Which was the number one song for the day on 94.1FM, a popular underground radio in New York.
Dolli also graced the show of the popular one night show on earth, Sting in 2009 and St Mary Mi Cum From 2010, along with various shows.
Presently she is working to achieve a household name in the music industry and the modeling field. Often described as being talented, marketable and different, in image style and personality. There is no doubt that she will dominate.

With God as her mentor, there is no boundaries for success. Dolli will soon be on the lips of everyone. The best is yet to come.

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