Kasanova Has Come Out Of The Shadows To Reclaim His Sound And Style

Kasanova .

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This to the pleasure of many, he is passionately representing the incarcerated Dancehall heavy weight Vybz Kartel and the Gaza empire. Stating in a previous interview with Super street that as long as he has breath in his body he will forever defend Vybz Kartel. This to the pleasure 0f the large and ever growing Gaza fan base. Separate and apart from that Kasanova is the leader of the I.D.G.A.F Gang. A name that many teens and middle age listeners and fans of Dancehall have been gravitating to.

Research and background checks were done on Kasanova and Alkaline to see if the two had any connections whatsoever and surprisingly it was ascertained that both attended Ardenne High School together and were best friends from the 7th grade. Also in 2015 an artiste came out on an ER interview stating that he was betrayed by alkaline. Surprisingly in that interview the artiste also said Alkaline stole Aeriel’s style. Aeriel McIntosh being the birth name of Kasanova. Further checks have uncovered that Kasanova was also the ghost writer for that artiste. The relationship between Kasanova and Alkaline went sour after voice notes went viral with Kasanova and Alkaline. Voice notes which included damning evidence that Alkaline disliked Kartel and Kasanova was not comfortable with that and was and still is an ardent Vybz Kartel fan and supporter.

Social media has since been set on a raging ravenous inferno of relentless flames as the battle of I.D.G.A.F Gang and Vendetta Clan has started. Vendetta clan undoubtedly led by the self-proclaimed champion boy singer and I.D.G.A.F Gang led by Kasanova, who has hit heavily at Alkaline with singles such as Gaza Usain Bolt, Maturity and Opinion. Kasanova has been the one throwing all the powerful punches, while alkaline seems to be at the ring side afraid to fight. Only hitting back feebly with his new single entitled City which is featured on his just released EP. The masses have also begun throwing verbal punches at each other on social media as Gaza fans are supporting Kasanova and some have even started to run with his I.D.G.A.F Gang slogan. Vendetta fans on the other hand have hit back at those supporting Kasanova and verbal wars are escalating on various posts and articles on social media regarding the two.

Apart from songs aimed at Alkaline, Kasanova also has already released his mixtape Chrysalis Streets: Don’t Fit in Stand Out, which is growing rapidly in the streets and radio as listeners are gravitating to its fused sound of new age and vintage like dancehall songs. Other singles released after his mixtape such as Kings and Queens, Dallaz and Between you and I have also been growing in listener’s ears and the public is loving him. He has been dubbed as “The Gaza Rebel”, and the I.D.G.A.F Gang has been labeled as the offspring of the Gaza. Fans have been finding his fan page on Facebook and his Instagram page and have been like, sharing and following his latest songs and updates.

Jay Bad from Touchah Gold Records and Tempracha from Philadelphia have been the two main members of Kasaova’s management team and in 6 months they have done what many artistes take 2 years to do. This new 2016 year seems to be shaping up to be a year of something entirely new on the Dancehall seen. Is Dancehall seeing the rise of the next King Pin? Is Kasanova the new rising Gaza soldier? You be the judge and decide.

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