Kasanova Whats New Wednesday 1

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Kasanova Whats New Wednesday 1

Recording artiste Kasanova has been creating waves in the Dancehall scene. Waves that have now resulting in unforgiving Tsunamis. His music has literally forced its way into listener’s ears. All across the board from the baby in the womb to the grandmother in the tomb, all ages and walks of life can find at least 3 songs in his catalogue that you can relate to. That is not the case with artistes.

Since mid-February he has started a new initiative called What’s New Wednesdays. Releasing a new song every Wednesdays. Songs such as Dallaz, Between you and I, Kings and Queens and Opinion being just a few of his Wednesday releases. All songs have been doing well and the reception has been great.

This week’s release is entitled “Wife Material”. Its witty and well put together lyrics brings across the title in an awkward, comical but understandable way. He highlights the likeable characteristics that the female possess. Characteristics that any sensible man would love to see in a woman. However, at the same time he ironically states that he dislikes these characteristics and wished she was not the type of well put together “wife material” female she was even though he wants he to be.

The song is an entertaining song and shows how he struggles with what seems to be his belief and disbelief in the female who seems to be too perfect for him. Her perfection is what he desires and loves about her but at the same time what he also hates and turns him off. It is certainly a good listen.

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