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Invitations were therefore made to ACCDF & AHN to appear on “STRAIGHT TO THE POINT” PROGRAM.

A Program which is scheduled to broadcast on a Sunday 8pm-10pm. It was confirmed by both groups that they would appear on the show on the 18th January 2015. This date was cancelled as both groups were affected by the cold/flu. The show was re-schedule, therefore for the following Sunday 25th 2015 with all being well. Many general questions were being gathered to ask both groups as over the years, many people have started up organisations with a view to help African Caribbean people and one of the biggest problems has often been a lack of clarity, transparency and accountability.

Well unforeseen circumstances meant that neither groups ACCDF & AHN turned up for this interview for the second time. However Bevis from AHN made a phone in interview to train interviewer, Isaacs, with an agreement to do a further interview with Sir Kush Genesis the rightful presenter of Straight To The Point.

Without any communications or explanation from ACCDF many people have expressed their disappointment for the second time and find the all matter a sad state of affairs. Communication had been going on between a SFDC Radio manager Elroy Edwards and Patrick Markland of ACCDF and I was therefore led to believe that they would come in and answer questions that the public wanted answers to.

1. Aims & Objectives of Groups?
2. How do you inform the community of the AGM?
3. Are your officers selected/elected?
4. Does your officer get paid?
5. Is ACCDF an umbrella Group?
6. Specifically, what is “an umbrella group”?
7. What are the qualifications for this claim?
8. What grants from the public purse have they acquired over the last 3 years?
9. What was the purpose?
10. Was the purpose of the grant fulfilled?
11. Where is the proof/accountability?
12. What are the 3 main things ACCDF thinks should be addressed in our community & do they have a plan for 2015 & beyond?

13. Two Kwanzaa events by AHN were put on in August 2014 & the December 2014 who is the AHN?

14. Are they a constituted Group?
15. Do they have an AGM?
16. How do they inform/engage with the communities?
17. Do the AHN have a website?
18. What happens to monies from Kwanzaa events?
19. Is there a formed committee?
20. How many terms do officers serve?

These are just some of the many more questions that ACCDF, AHN and all other groups will have to answer whether on SFDC Radio or to news reporters.

Many so called leaders/organisations don’t come into the community to lead and inspire they come into the community to gain financially. Most of them use the struggle as a job opportunity for themselves or an exclusive source of income for their families and friends but beware your days are numbered.

You fool the people sometimes, but sooner or later they will make up their own minds. Watch out for update “Will the public get answers to these questions”?? “Which organisations receive grants on their behalf……

By Ras Sir Kush Genesis. Researcher, Producer, Presenter. SFDC Radio www.sfdcradio.com

Ex BBC Presenter

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