Is rape on the increase in Jamaica?


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Let me just begin by giving credit to these two Facebook pages:


For the past couple of months, there’s been an increase in rape cases in Jamaica. In most cases the females are being murdered. The fact that 80 percent of rape victims never tell is even more devastating, because sometimes it’s a family member or a big shot In society and the woman is just ashamed.

There are other kinds of rape such as date rape, statutory rape and marital rape.

Date rape is when you have been drugged so you cooperate. Statutory rape is when a minor is involved, whether they say yes or no, it’s still rape because they do not have the legal rights to consent. Marital rape is another form which is more complicated because most people are still contemplating if a man can rape his own wife. At the end of the day once you feel violated, you might have been raped.

While not condoning rape she have reasons has to why it is on the increase in Jamaica..



 Rape is rape no matter what


Elroy Edwards ( Silver Fox)

In my opinion, rape should always be rape. A man should always have the ability to control himself in all circumstances.

There should also be much stricter prison sentences once a person is convicted and especially when the victim is a minor. Automatic live in prison should be considered in many cases.

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