Thunda 1st “GIRLS RUSH” Dance Was A Massive, Massive Hit

Morning Ride

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Morning Ride

Thunda 1st “GIRLS RUSH” Dance Was A Massive, Massive Hit

“Let me just say big up and much respect”

Thunda 1st has once again proved himself to be a credible and a 1st class promoter. For years I have been saying this, that if you put the politics aside, he will always come out on top as one of the best promoters in the business. “Big up Thunda 1st”

Girls rush was exactly what it was and it lived up to expectation. It has been a long while that I have seen so many beautiful females of all ages and sizes. The females did come out to support the YEAR TO YEAR dance. Well done Thunda 1st and we are all looking forward for next year.


Now it is very unusual for me to take the “mike” and make any form of statements, especially when it is not my event, but after witnessing a masterful, effortless and credible juggling from Dirty Dekz I felt that I had to get straight to the point. Now let me just say that everyone played well, but in my opinion, I witnessed a star who is ready to take on the UK and the world as a top class DJ/Selector. Dirty Dekz the world is waiting.

Why do I say this?

I don’t watch a selector who comes on and play 10 to 15 bad mind tunes. This is what most DJ/Selector do, bad mind tunes after bad mind tunes, because it is the quickest way to get a forward. The fact is this, music is a business and it is very “tuff” so most selectors seem to believe that they are getting a fight when it is not so. Music should always do the talking and in a positive way. In my opinion Dirty Dekz masterfully moved through the different types of songs and era to keep the girls and ladies moving. He stuck to the theme “Girls Rush” I and many others were well impressed. Another £10 well spent.


Luton has become the town where money pull up is taking center stage in many dancehall/reggae events. Big up to the “MAN DEM” that run the money pull ups. This is an additional spectacle that is also very entertaining and very rewarding to the DJs/Selectors. I love how the man dem just dash the money with precision and attitude towards the DJs/Selectors. DJ Skully and DJ Village must have collected well over £400 between them. It’s a good look. Luton is on top form.

Look out for the money pull up dance coming soon.

Fantastic Silver Fox

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