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The power play 10 service is being broadcast to over 2.5 million people. We build this service for artists that’s looking to create a buzz to build their fans/brand. This program is linked to 3 major marketing companies that customize their package with a 50% discount to meet the needs of artist with any budget that’s looking to make a buzz..


Unlike other radio station that don’t notify you when they playing your songs on the power play 10 every artist get an update every time there song is being played, In this service we offer full time online promotion from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Etc. The Music will be played on a UK base radio station that’s broadcast to countries like the United State, Costa Rica and The African Continent.



  • Clean Tracks
  • Active Twitter Account
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Skype account for interviews


Some Benefits on the power play 10

  • Artiste will get a blog post with social media links bio promotion photos etc.
  • 400+400  Poster will be displayed on sky entertainment official website that traffic over 20,000 people day to day.
  • Artiste music will be send out to over 10 Online radio station that is link to sky entertainment for rotation interviews etc.
  • Artiste will be added to sky entertainment tweeting system where they will be tweeted over 5 Times Weekly Click Here To Read More.


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